Sin City Shootout


Sin City Shootout Sin City Shootout Sin City Shootout Sin City Shootout


Sin City Shootout

All Divisions are close to filling up.

Check the Divisions below to make sure there is an opening before you send in your entry fee.


Your team is CONFIRMED when you see your name below.

PayPal entries confirm the same day, mailed entries confirm when payment is received.

The Host Hotels are open and accepting reservations now!



     -     FULL

Thunder Los Angeles
Toros Phoenix
West Coast Swing Los Angeles
Rounders Palm Springs
Fury Unleashed San Francisco
Brewers Portland
Texas Force Dallas
Steel Hustlers San Francisco

     -     CLOSED

Scorpions Palm Springs
Fury San Francisco
Cartel Los Angeles
Ice Phoenix
Rebels Los Angeles
Amy's Angels Austin
Tryangles Lousiville
Quake San Francisco
West Coast Clique Los Angeles
Smoke Tulsa
Stixxx Denver
Scouts Kansas City
We Got This Long Beach
Pegasus Long Beach
Revolution Houston
Heat Las Vegas
Primetime Elite Atlanta
Music City Stallions Nashville
Sindicate Las Vegas
Cyclones Knoxville
Mile High Club Denver
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      -      FULL

STL. Squirrels St. Louis
Hawks San Francisco
Dirtbags Phoenix
RoadRunnerz Palm Springs
Fury Los Angeles
Quakes San Diego
Thirst Los Angeles
Swallows Toronto
Eagles Dallas
Hawkeyes Dallas
Spikes Minneapolis
Force Nashville
Gayzd & Confused Calgary
Rebels Minneapolis
Trojans Los Angeles
Saints Minneapolis
A/S/L Houston
Wicked Martini's San Diego
Devils Dallas
#Dbad Austin-Dallas-Portland
Rough Riders Austin
Wrangler Stampede Denver
Boom San Francisco
Ballerz Los Angeles
CHI Squirrels Chicago
Grey Hounds Palm Springs
Force San Francisco
Party Animals Washington DC
Silverman Supervillians Ft. Lauderdale
Inferno San Francisco
Storm Atlanta
Grease Monkeys Las Vegas
Firebirds Los Angeles
Eagle Wingmen Rhode Island
Reign Atlanta
Sit On My Base New Orleans
Dirty Devils Denver
Havoc Long Beach
Triple Play Philadelphia
Crushers Long Beach
Scorpions San Diego
Wild Houston
Southern Belles New Orleans
Knights Seattle
Nor'Easter Storm Southern New England
Circus Orlando
Brew Crew Phoenix
P-Cocks Dallas
Swinging Pirates Los Angeles
Diablos San Jose
Cartel Los Angeles
Wolves Philadelphia
B'Austin Botox Boston
Pocket Rocket Washington DC
Lost On Base San Jose
Unathletics San Jose
Divide Denver
Sluggers San Francisco
Blackout San Francisco
Bulldogs Los Angeles
Rippers Long Beach
Gym Bar New York
Outlaws Long Beach
Browns Seattle
Harey Gray Bruins San Diego
Rough Trade Los Angeles
ATX Fusion Austin
Rage Portland
Deset Heat Phoenix
Adrenaline Dallas
Steel Minneapolis
Fighting Cocks Long Beach
Flicks Firestorm San Diego
Flex Lightening Las Vegas
Sea Dogs Los Angeles
Spikes San Diego
Monarchs Los Angeles
Instant Replay Chicago
Cougers San Francisco
Bandits San Antonio
Stingers Palm Springs
BrewHahas San Jose
LA Shade Los Angeles
Stingrays Los Angeles
SEA Shade Seattle
Brit Bombers Long Beach
Warhawks Seattle
Swingers Chicago
Peterson's Pirates Milwaukee
National All Stars Washington DC
Wildcats Los Angeles
Wreckers Austin
Xtreme Atlanta
Divers Houston
Blackhawks Los Angeles
Suicide Squad Los Angeles
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      -      FULL

Bombshells San Francisco
Brew Jays Vancouver
Blue Ballers Chicago
Chicago Stars Chicago
Titans Washington D.C.
Red Devils Toronto
Cruizers Long Beach
Demons New York
NY Wildcats New York
Rocky Mountain Men Denver
Austin 512 Austin
Wranglers Las Vegas
Hole Master Batters San Diego
Posse Long Beach
Key West Pirates Key West
Inferno San Francisco
D-Listers Long Beach
Hitmen Kansas City
Venom Long Beach
Savages Phoenix
Hooks Long Beach
Queen Marys Long Beach
Redwing Rebels San Diego
Over The Limit San Diego
Cartel Los Angeles
Outlaws Toronto
Lugnutz Las Vegas
Heat Palm Springs
Babycakes Manpower San Diego
Crew Southern New England
Sinful San Jose
Narwhals Minneapolis
Cubby Devils Long Beach
Firebirds Phoenix
Goodtimes Knoxville
Rogue Los Angeles
Hot Mess Los Angeles
Fireballs Madison
Pulse Sacramento
Shade San Diego
Flicks Fireballs San Diego
Scrappers Orlando
Gorillas Palm Springs
Jox Chicago
Thunder Las Vegas
Razorbacks Las Vegas
uMad Los Angeles
Pegasus Long Beach
Grizzlies Phoenix
Fireballs Palm Springs
Cherry Bombs Sacramento
ASL Portland
Southern Belles Nashville
Misfits Phoenix
Thumpers San Francisco
Pirates Los Angeles
Stripes San Jose
Los Diablos Demons Phoenix
Scrapyards Dallas
Darkside Long Beach
SBW Long Beach
DNA San Jose
Pitch Slapped Phoenix
Wolves Los Angeles

      -      B -  Open,  C -  FULL , D -  Open

Ballers San Diego
Fully Loaded Kansas City
Team Grind North Dakota

Roster Check*

What Had Happened Was San Diego
Bomb Squad Long Beach
Beavers Las Vegas
Girl Crush Long Beach
Switch Hitters San Francisco
TBD Los Angeles
Looking To Score San Diego
Cheetahs Portland
Baseic Pitches Dallas
L-Crew Portland
The Fun Team San Diego
Make it Reign Portland


Los Angeles
Sopers Chicago
I'd Hit That San Diego
Thats What She Said Los Angeles
POW Los Angeles
Pitches Be Crazy Phoenix
Aberration San Diego
HTSYC Las Vegas
Wolfpack PDX Portland
Inferno Shockwave San Francisco
Team .08 Las Vegas
Hustlers Long Beach
Crazy Pitches! Seattle
Liqu-er-Up Seattle
Team X Los Angeles
UHaulin Los Angeles
Alley Katz Kansas City
Cleats and Cleavage Los Angeles
Mad Batters Los Angeles
FTB Los Angeles
Centerfielders Long Beach
Bandits Los Angeles
Gossip Grill San Diego
Down N DIrty Long Beach
Beer Money Spokane
Sandlot Los Angeles
Oaktown Roots San Francisco
SWAT Spokane
Scoreboard Spokane
Last Call San Jose
Booze On First Chicago














Sin City Shootout