Sin City Shootout

Submitting a roster:


  Once paid, OPEN divisions managers will be sent a link to create/update their roster.
  WOMEN'S division rosters can be download here Click Here.

  You can use this link to update your roster as often as you need until December 24, 2016.

  Final rosters are due December 24, 2016 and the link will be locked at midnight.
  After December 24, 2016, the Tournament Director's approval is needed for any roster changes.


Important roster information:

  All rosters will be verified using the 2016 NAGAAA database and players' current abilities.

  If you submit a rating lower than what is listed in the NAGAAA database, please email your league Commissioners agreement with the lowered rating that differs from NAGAAA.
  Non-NAGAAA cities must submit an e-mail with their league Commissioner's Agreement to a team's ratings submission.
  Please contact us if you have any questions or need our guidance in filling out your roster.

  The Tournament Director shall make all final decisions on ratings.

If you have already already filled out a roster and need to add or drop players: 

  Managers were sent a unique link to their roster that only they have access to.
  Use that link to access your roster and add/delete players as much as you need until 12/24/16.
  December 24, 2016 we will lock the rosters at midnight and you wont be able to make anymore edits.
  All players will be verified with the NAGAAA database so make sure ratings are accurate.


Sin City Shootout

Sin City Shootout